People powered, nutritional goodness.

What do you get when you combine 5,000, empowered farmers with a world class processing factory: top quality mangoes that taste delicious with a community impact in every bite.

about us

Grow. Process. Export. Repeat.

Harnessing nature and the Malawian growing spirit, we employ over one thousand employees and work with five thousand hard-working smallholder farmers, all within international quality certifications, to process and export high quality fresh and dried mangoes straight from the Warm Heart of Africa.


Delicious and nutritional goodness straight from the Warm Heart of Africa.

We grow, process and pack five different varieties of mangoes to keep our global buyers satisfied. We produce fruit from October to March each year, offering regional counter-seasonal supply.


We LOVE our Salima farms!

Back in 2013 we worked with the Government of Malawi and village elders, and transformed underutilised grasslands that were giving minimal benefit to surrounding communities.

Now we have 240 ha planted on 476 ha across two segments of beautiful land in Matumba and Dzuwa villages. We’re busy propagating and planting all the time so we’ll have 340 ha of productive trees by 2024. And all of them come from seedlings we’ve nurtured in our drip irrigated nurseries.


Our 10,000 metre squared, certified processing facility has powered us through since 2013.

It is the brain of malawi mangoes. It’s a hive of activity that delivers healthy snacks to our customers and makes it possible for community impact to become a sustainable reality.


Combining a spark of nature and the human spirit.

Bringing together Malawi’s ideal climate, the existing knowledge of local growers, a world class processing facility and access to export markets, malawi mangoes not only delivers healthy products, but we change lives in our local community.


Collaboration has always been the key to our success. Not just in our integrated farming approach but also in the ways we work with donors, international distributors and customers.


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